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Re: Late war Bf 109 pictures source

Originally Posted by Mark Proulx View Post

Well...they certainly works....

What I try and do, when sending out my photos to our color profiler for WOTBC, is to place watermarks in such a way that they are obvious, but don't detract from the overall image. For example, the watermarks I place will go thru the top of the rudder only, or thru the gear legs and tail wheel only, not through the center of the fuselage obliterating markings. That ruins the photo. If that to happen, then they may as well be taken off the 'net completely. I try and place the watermark where it is difficult to use Photoshops program to obliterate it w/o harming the subject matter, but enough to try and maintain its overall integrity. Try and think like a that watermark placed in such a way as to make my effort at removing worth my while or even possible.

Another consideration for placement is thru areas where there are a number of multiple colors. For example, a watermark thru grass and capturing the wheels at the same time a great option. I avoid watermarks in the sky of photos. To easy to remove.

You could also consider multiple watermarks around the subject. I have done that for EE and the decal sheet instructions I created with my photos. Again, I try and avoid obliterating the main subject matter, but place numerous watermarks around it.

Sadly, that is what this has come to now!

I hope this helps and I am very sympathetic to your cause.

Mark Proulx

Thanks for you support and guidance, Mark.

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