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Re: any MiG-1 aces

Originally Posted by knusel View Post
...But it reveals that this plane wasn't liked the the Soviet pilots.
It's odd that such a beautiful plane is so insufficient. What was the problem, technically ? A bad engine ? A bad aerodynamic design ?
The original MiG-1 had an open canopy. Some were fitted with a closed canopy that opened to the side similar to the Bf 109. The model had longitudinal stability problems and control response was considered poor. Flying above 5000 m with an open cockpit must have been harsh.

The MiG-3 had the sliding glazed canopy and the upper fuselage had longer glazed panels to improve rear vision for the pilot. It was Stalin who ordered his aircraft designers to give him a fighter with a 1000km range similar to the Spitfire, hence the additional fuel tank under the pilot seat which also gave the plane a better center of gravity. The longitudinal stability problem was aided by this and the movement of the engine 9.5 cm forward. The VISh-22 variable pitch three blade propeller was replaced by the VISH-61 Sh variable pitch three blade propeller and yes, larger tires on the landing gear. Both models had a high landing speed and the under carriage was weekly designed as a result the under carriage collapsed on average every 25 landings.

There were 31 MiG-1 in Baltic Military District apparently all were assigned to the 31st IAP and based at Kovno and Karmelava. They were all either destroyed or abandoned on 22 June. Western Military District had 37 MiG-1 all of which were with the 41st IAP. All were either destroyed or (mostly) abandoned on 22 June. In Odessa Military District there were 8 MiG-1 with the 146th IAP. These survived the first days of the war, their ultimate fate is unknown to me. This is where best to look for Soviet aces flying MiG-1 mostly like scoring against the Romanian Air Force.

If the MiG-1 was disliked it was because it was difficult to fly. During the period just before the war the MiG-1 was probably neglected and left to the side of the airfield with the belief it would soon be replaced by the MiG-3 as was the case for many of the older models of fighters (I-15, older I-16 etc...)


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