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Re: Sea/Air Battle in the Med - 11-13 Sept 41

Hi Andrey

I do not think Tembien was damaged in the attacks. There is no evidence for this, other than the Italian OH, which in my view clearly confuses Tembien with Odero. There is nothing in the escort commander’s report confirming this.

Regarding the second Swordfish attack, I believe the attack that lasted from 1400 to 1430 as described in the escort commander’s report, was the attack by eight Blenheims of No.105 Squadron. The numbers match, the fact that he clearly states Caffaro was hit by a bomb matches, and the losses of planes match as well.

Which leads me to conclude that it is entirely unclear what the Swordfish were doing, unless of course it was them who attacked Oriani? The timing and day would match with the Italian OH, but of course Oriani was allegedly sunk by bombs as well, and it would be a massive navigation error on the part of the F.A.A. pilots to end up at the location of Oriani, several hundred kilometres away from the location of the Tembien convoy. And it would then beg the question what the Blenheims were attacking on the 11th.


Still no clarity I am afraid. If anyone has ‘Night Strike’, I’d love to hear from you, it will be several months before I can go and dig for it in the boxes.

All the best

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