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Re: Sea/Air Battle in the Med - 11-13 Sept 41

Originally Posted by AndreasB View Post
Regarding the second Swordfish attack, I believe the attack that lasted from 1400 to 1430 as described in the escort commander’s report, was the attack by eight Blenheims of No.105 Squadron.
Yes, no doubt Caffaro was sunk by Blenheims. But in my opinion the portion of the escort commander's report describing second Swordfish attack is this:

The 13th

01.05 hours – Four or five airplanes are seen on a course of 240 degrees with landing lights illuminated. Issue the air alarm signal to all units.

01.20 hours – Numerous flares light up to the left of the formation. Order the escort units to make smoke. The units and the steamers fire targeted and barrage. A total of 18 flares are counted.[12]

02.30 hours – The attack ceases and the formation is reordered, and normal navigation proceeds

The attack by 38 Sqn would only commence at 03.45, according to the same report or at 03.40 according to 38 Sqn report
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