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Re: NEW BOOK - Fw 190 D Camouflage & Markings - Pt. 1

Well, mine arrived yesterday, and all I can say would echo all the great things already stated here. It is indeed a fine, well-researched work. Even better, it is so well presented that I have never seen a finer, more visually appealing book.

My one complaint (and it's not REALLY a complaint) is that all of the info on Lt Dortenmann's WNr 210003 will be reserved for Volume II! Hans Dortenmann is my favorite Luftwaffe personality, due to his courage and unstinting concern for the men who flew under him. I am really looking forward to Vol II.

I haven't even really gotten my "teeth" into it yet, but I am very happy to have it.

Many thanks to Marc, Eric and Tomas. Well done!
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