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How to access threads that existed prior to the new forum ?

I see 12 oclock has changed,...gulp !
Please put my panicking mind at rest and confirm that what was an invaluable archive of material to the world and us Luft enthusiasts and researchers, i.e. the threads that went on page after page in the old forum , are accessible from the new forum and not lost forever. They are better than many books, an important Luft archive and truly must be saved ! The good thing about the internet is the ability to share info and communicate, the bad thing is one sees a valuable resource develop on a site then suddenly its gone forever. Copy-pasting everything incase that should ever happen is a pain !

Can one do a search (and where) on author or subject or word in a message with the new site, again an invaluable tool and par for the course. Ctrl F gave a crude search ability only on subject words before. I would like to catch up with some of my posts to see any replies and respond to them as well as find threads on my favourite subjects. How do I do this now ? I searched on my name and found nothing. I searched on Hallsville School which occurs in the thread on typical Blitz bomb load and it gave two threads, neither of which displayed that wording when using ctrl F to find where on the page it had found my searched for words. Looks like all previous threads are lost to us

The ability to post pics is great news.

Putting NOSPAM into an email address warded off spam emails, but the email address when now registering is sent an activation code, so how do cautious new members not yet receiving spam ( I know of one potential member) get round this ?

Best wishes for a better site.


P.S. need explain what poll option is please. ops:
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