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Hi Ruy,
Thanks for replying.
Would it be then that the old forums posts will in time vanish and is there a known expiry date ?
you say 1. There are several people doing archival work - Richard T. Eger and Leon Venter.
This sounds interesting and useful and I would like to know more, but is this to do with the old posts or something different. Are they taking and archiving posts worthy of saving and will this archive be accessible to us and how/where ?...sorry if I should know of this via a thread here but dont ops:

Is there a quick method I wonder of transferring the old threads and also new forum threads onto a domestic PC for reading when time allows ? I only know of copy/paste into MSWord but on the new forum it pastes the artwork and everything, this creates a file size e.g. 1Mb for a 16 reply thread test I did, 4 times as large as the file size using Paste Special>Unformatted text, but the latter misses out the author in the left hand column.

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