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Dear BOBC,

First, while it is your choice, use of an actual name is preferable when posting on TOCH!.

In regard to the search function, the word that you search for will be highlighted in color. Thus, if you type in Hallsville into the search engine, it will be highlighted in yellow. On my site, it is highlighted in orange, which is a far more readable color. Ruy, can you make the change?

My site is the Luftwaffe Archives Group (LWAG) website ( ). I have been transfering specific files to this site from TOCH!, with the kind permission of Ruy, since June 2000. However, the items saved are specific to the objective of the site, which is as a Luftwaffe researcher finding aid. Main categories are information on archives, useful websites, and a variety of key specific general information forums. The site does not record many detailed discussions, nor is it intended to be an archive of data. While this latter was considered as an option during the formation of the site, it would require an enormous amount of time, effort, money, and a huge server.

Leon Venter has been saving the postings of the old site since, IIRC, about 1998. Currently, his site is private, although he is considering opening it up to membership. I'm sure you'd find the threads you are searching for there.

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