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Re: Luftwaffe Photo Threads


Further to my initial post. I'd like to post the following links:

I can now offer to save time for members of TOCH looking for Luftwaffe related photos by using one or all three of these links:

These links will take the user to the majority of the photos on ebay at any one time on the German,Italian and French versions of ebay.The reasoN I post these links is in the hope of encouraging other board users to begin posting photos of Luftwaffe aircraft hopefully with a little information in order to increase the value of the posts to other board users. If anyone is wondering how this might look I'd like to recommend the initial posts by Snautzer on the Ebay:German Interest thread. A model of conciseness and a great assistance in helping the reader to decide whether to click on the link.

There are many board users whose knowledge of the Luftwaffe is infinitely greater than my own, so please consider improving the photo threads by posting yourself. I have started Luftwaffe trainer and Beuteflugzeuge threads in the hope that others might feel encouraged to do the same, but with higher quality than I am able to offer. So come on stop being lurkers and freeloaders and get engaed.


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