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B17 loss on 29th April 1944 over Brunswick, Germany

Originally Posted by Andy F-P View Post
I have the combat report for Eder regarding the B17 on this day and the claim is timed at 10:58 and not 11:05. The report states that the aircraft went into a spin and the left wing broke off.
Regards, Andy
As the new the owner of the said Georg-Peter Eder Abschussmeldung I am hoping that in resurrecting this thread, someone may be able to point myself in the right direction as to possibly putting a B-17 aircraft to this claim.

Whilst fully appreciating the sheer scale of the USAF losses on this raid, I am also aware that there is a vast amount of untapped knowledge among historians and enthusiasts, which might be able to shed a chink of light.

Hopeful in anticipation that something will surface.

Regards Richard.
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