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Fw 190 D-9, W.Nr. 210xxx, "Brown 9 + -", 7./JG 26

Dear Marc and Eric, Ahoy Tomas,

Firstly, I wish to thank you all again for the attention you send me, a few months ago...
Actually I have the intense pleasure and joy to discover your marvelous book covering the Fw 190 (actually, I can't wait for volume II, as your findings concerning the Mimetallplant will take more than my attention)
I'm try to read your book in a very thorough way: including listings of pictures I'm compiling.This make that I'm progressing very slowly. I'm trying to find pictures of every aircraft you discuss and that's the reason of my asking. On page 120 you present Fw 190 D-9, W.Nr. 210xxx, "Brown 9 + -", 7./JG 26, but without pctures. Browsing through my dcumentation I found the picture of a "Brown 9 + -" in Axel Urbanke "Green Hearts, Eagle Editions Ltd., 1998, p 211 under.
My first question is simple; is that the plane you discuss there?
Of course, I browsed through quite a lot of books to find it. Doing so, I came acrross another picture different times. I speak of the picture on p. 180, in Urbanke's book or yours on page 13 upper (JaPo). Reading the caption, location and date seem correct. What strikes me is the soldier on front of both pictures (Ofw. Hansen, referring to the caption of Urbanke on p. 180. His outfit seems to be the same, the scene is also quite the same (birch trees in the background). Unfortunately, but due to the granular quality of the pic, on p. 180 (or p. 13 in your (JaPo) book) it seems impossible to determine the left side camouflage on the cowling).
Is there more evidence concerning the plane's yellow rudder and under cowling? I miss something here perhaps, as I do not remember the order issuing the prescriptions used on the Western Theater of Operations at this stage of the war.
If I'm correct with the picture identification, I can completely agree with the tapering of the fuselage bands, as this is clearly shown on Urbanke's book.
What do you think? I'm very interested in your findings about this plane...
PS any hint when volume II will be published???
Very best regards,

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