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Re: Galland’s victories on June 3, 1940 (Paris area) – A new element

ROF 120,

Same topic AGAIN?

What's the new point now?

According to you Galland had 2 victories on the 3rd June...but what about his Abschüssmeldung(s) for that particular day?

Was he flying alone or with a Rottenflieger? What about this wingman saying or mission report?

What is your "reliable source"? Your interview with Galland? His Flugbuch do proves those 2 claims? Was it signed by his Gruppenkommandeur or Kommodore testifying it is ok?

Do show us more evidences please...Any of the French pilots survived? Did they written reports of their combats and identified what shot them down?

Am a bit confused here...are you trying to sell your book via this Fórum or your Blog (or the book you translated and added information on your Blog) ? It seems so...every time you points to your site or Blog, or book....seems a bit strange.

I mean it is amazing to share with others the work of years, very nice indeed...once...but on every thread I do not know.

Again I do sumarize up in just one phrase: what is really amazing in life is that…”you reap what you sow”.

Again: NO ONE here is competing to be the leading expert on LW, RAF, USAAF, Galland, J E Johnson or whatever other theme...

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