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Need help with Sutterlin word.

Good morning,

The picture above shows part of page 83 of Creek & Forsyth's Blitz Bombers/Kampfgeschwader 76 and the Arado Ar 234, (2020).

That page shows a chart made by the Ia of III. Gruppe for the period of 19 November to 30 November 1944 indicating the serviceability for every aircraft Werknummer. The red colour indicates an aircraft as unserviceable and, in most cases, gives the reason.

The aircraft I am interested in is werknummer 140143 which is Hptm. Diether Lukesch's F1+BT. I would like to know what is the longer word in the red area and, in Luftwaffe parlance, what does it mean?

Thanks in advance,

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