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Re: Reports on Captured a/c in Korea

Originally Posted by gamary View Post
If anybody has more info concerning the Yak-9P I'd be very interested. What I've read until now is conflicting: some sources say the -9P was tested in Korea, some say it was shipped to the CONUS. Some say it force-landed, and some say it was captured on the ground.
The most original source I know on this is a memo written by the Office of the Air Technical Liaison Officer, Far East Air Force dated October 8, 1950 describing the office's activities securing captured planes. It states that the plane was captured on the ground in a dispersal around 1/2 mile from Kimpo airfield when the Marines retook the area during the Inchon campaign, September 19, 1950. Two intact Il-10's were captured on Kimpo airfield itself. The decision was immediately made not to attempt to fly the Yak-9, which was crated and flown (in a C-119) to Japan October 3, then shipped on to Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio where often published photo's show it reassembled and under flight test in USAF markings. ATL did attempt to fly one of the Il-10's to Japan on its own wings. It was successfully taxi tested but would not start again for the flight, so both Il-10's were also shipped, by water, to Japan

I've never seen the flight test reports, which I'd be most interested in.

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