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RAF pilot evaluation process

"RAF pilot evaluation"
RAF pilot evaluation -- It might have been used throughout the RAF and FCAF, but definitely in Fighter Command. It was a two-page form to be filled out every three months or so by the flight commander or squadron commander to evaluate pilots' capabilities.

The first page contained ten categories with four levels of capability (fair, good, very good and excellent or little, some, much and very much marked as 1, 2, 3 and 4). I think the first was 'appearance' while another (possibly the ninth) was 'works well with others.

The second page contained five categories all of which related to operational experience -- that is, I don't think this page could be filled out until the pilot had flown a few operations. These categories were weighted by a factor of three, while the non-ops categories were weighted by a factor of one (I think) so
that a perfect score would 40 for non-ops characteristics (4 times 10), while the operational characteristics would count for 60 (perfect 4s in five categories for a count of 20, weighted three times to 60).

All this is by my very imperfect memory!

All you ex-Squadron Leaders must have filled out hundreds of these things. Can anyone tell me what the individual categories were (hopefully in the original sequence)? And can anyone confirm how the final score was calculated?

Any help at all would be truly appreciated. best wishes
Dave Clark

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