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Mission 2 (the important one):
9 aircraft on Armed Recce. These being the following
FR839 GA-J Fl Lt Bluett A.P.C.
FR825 GA-B F Sgt Brown D.B. *1381428.
FR803 GA-F F/O L..H.Gherry
FR132 GA-T F Sgt Swinton Norman Ernest, RAAF, 401547
FR806 GA-Q F Sgt Nordstrand G.S
FR860 GA-D WO Brown Wilfred David, RCAF, R8627
FR350 GA-V PO .Rutherford G.W., J16548 RCAF
FR452 GA-C FO Burcham J.A. (See POW page)
FR494 GA-W FO. Ahern L. Neville RAAF (photo page 2)
Aircraft took off at 14:30 hours on armed Recce on the roads Potenza-Vallata-Grottaminarda-Lioni-Avigiano. Bombs were dropped on 12 plus MT at N.9754, no claims. Strafing from Pt N.9854 to Avigiano resulted in 3MT flamers, 7 MT damaged. Visibility good.****AA light*intense and MG fire from PT N.9854 all along the road to Avigiano. No e/a. Height 8,000ft to 1,500ft. W/O Brown failed to return from this operation, he was seen to spin in from 1,500ft and hit ground, aircraft bursting into flames at pt.O.0852. Time of incident 15:20hrs, the rest of the formation landed at 16:00hrs

On a roll here any information on the above?
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