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Re: Meteor NF11 over Algeria 1059-61

Hi Alex

Do you specifically mean aircraft which were used on intercept duties, or do you mean aircraft which were on general loan (the French used the word "detaché" which prob mean detached) to the unit?

I have a full list of aircraft detached, but no knowledge on special missions and so on.

ECN 1/71 was formed in September 1958 based at Tébessa from October 1st. It seems it also had some aircraft at Bône and Biskra. It initially equipped with some MD.315R and B-26 but from September 1959 also received the NF.11 from CITT 346.
I have no details of any successful interceptions, so I am inclined to believe none was actually made...
In May 1962 the Escadrille was "upgraded" to Escadre status and at the same time returned to France (Reims). It was reported as being based at Bône at the time, so probably it moved its main assets into that base at some point.
It was finally disbanded on 31 August 1962

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