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Re: Meteor NF11 over Algeria 1059-61

Hi Stig and Alex,

Thank you for your replies. It's nice to be back.

Any details on the Meteors that were detached to Algeria is of interest. I am also of the opinion that they did not carry out any successful interceptions. They were considered to be too fast for stooging around the mountains at night, plus their high fuel consumption gave then a small endurance range.

Many thanks for the serials. I have read that six were used but only found details for four, although 1-2 NF12s and NF14s may have been used as well.

I have seen a photo of NF11-41 in formation with a A-26 and MD.315 plus another one of NF11-19 on a runway in Algeria. So there may hve been more than 6 NF11s used.

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