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Re: Meteor NF11 over Algeria 1059-61

Indeed Alex

The Meteor cannot be classified as the ideal night fighter, especially not at low altitude.
The following NF.11 are recorded as having been in service with ECN 1/71
NF11-16 346 QA
NF11-19 346-QC
NF11-29 346-QE
NF11-31 346-QF
NF11-34 346-QH
NF11-35 346-QI
NF11-37 346-QJ
NF11-38 346-QK
NF11-41 346-QN (the one on the photograph alright)

As always there is the odd photo, which is somewhat a spanner in the wheel, showing NF11-38 actually coded with a single 'Z' on the tail, saying it was in use with ECN 1/71 at Biskra, Algeria Nov 1960. Not a single Meteor is known to have reached as high as Z in their codes, so it is a mystery

My data are from Jean-Pierre Verret (except the photo which is later)

I have no idea from where Jean-Jacques Petit has got his info from, but according to other French researchers he is not very reliable, which I cannot verify or deny I'm afraid.

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