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Lightbulb ANR Camouflage & Markings new book: errata corrige

Our book about the Camouflage and Markings of the ANR is starting to be delivered here in Italy and I guess that the same is happening in Europe and UK, as well as in the US and elsewhere.

However, since several Italian readers have already contacted us to underline a graphic problem which is present in the copies seen so far, I had to check personally once received my copy.

This happened today and I managed to verify that there is a graphic quality issue affecting the colour tables of pages 109, 115, 118 and 124. These (three colour profiles and one top & bottom plan-view) look as if printed in a lower resolution, resulting in "saw-toothed" outlines.

Since all the graphics supplied by us to the publisher were of high quality, we do regret deeply that this happened during some of the final phases and both I and my colleague Gabriele Valentini have decided - starting from now - to put at disposal of the readers a folder on-line containing the original quality files of the three profiles and the plan-view affected by the graphic problem, all at 300 dpi in JPG format at 10/12 quality level and of the same size of those published.

In this way every reader will be able to download and print them in pristine quality.

Furthermore, the bottom plan-view of page 31 must be replaced with the one included in the folder.

The address of the folder is:

We hope that this can solve (albeit partially) the unfortunate issue and, although the authors are not involved at all in it, we'd like to express our most sincere apologies.

I hope that Ruy and you all will forgive if I choose this place for posting the info, but I thought it was the best one.

Thanks for your attention and patience


Ferdinando D'Amico
All the best,

Ferdinando D'Amico
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