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German film with captured Spitfire

In 1940-41, the Germans made a propaganda film that used a captured RAF Spitfire. Stills from this film, showing the Spitfire in the same frame as a Bf 109E and, in another still, a Do 17Z have been used as illustrations in many books.

The Spitfire is close enough to the camera to show that it has over-size "B" (re-blue) roundels on its upper wing inboard of the usual position as well as "B" roundels on the fuselage. It lacks squadron codes.

Does anyone know
- When was this film made, its title, and whether it still exists?
- The identity of the captured Spitfire used?
- Was this the same film that also featured air-to-air scenes with a French Hawk 75 painted in RAF markings (also photographed in-fame with a Do 17Z)?

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