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AFHRA rolls with 15th AAF Escape statements


I am doing research on rescued american Airmen from Yugoslavia.
For that purpose, I have studied MACRs, and Escape statements, which are basis of my research. Majority of airmen were from 15 AAF, and this material is not available online.

I have ordered 7 rolls from AFHRA series A6544, but on them is only some 1/2 of all statements from 15AAF. Remaining statements are scattered across some 40 other rolls.
I have ordered, or got through exchange several more rolls.

I am looking for these rolls:
- B0079 - 14fg (fighter group)
- B0198 - 98bg (bomb group)
- B0209 - 301bg
- B0601 - 454bg
- B0603 - 455bg
- B0607 - 459bg
- B0613 - 463bg
- B0615 - 464bg
- B0617 - 465bg
- B0642 - 483bg
- B0643 - 484bg
- B0644 - 485bg

In return, I can offer material I have collected so far. (some 20 rolls, most with Escape statements)
Also, I have list of statements from A6544 rolls, and list of Airmen rescued from Yugoslavia, which could be of great help in research.

Reason for this kind of swap (besides financial), is that ordering material can be very slow and risky. Online catalogs are not so precise, and ordering them is risky, since material you are looking for might not be there. Also, in AFHRA they accept only checks, which I cannot send, so I must use intermediate.

Please send me PM if you have some of this material.
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