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testing the waters: how much could I ask for Classic Publications volumes nowadays?


I am posting this to get some highly valued opinions of you guys about how much I could ask for if I wanted to sell off some (or even more) of my old Classic Publications book collection;
over the years, my entire book collection has grown out of proportion and I am finding that I have become more interested in certain areas than in others;
also, as I have not taken a look into the mentioned Classic books in the last few years, it might be the time to give them into other, caring and interested hands;
thing is, I do not know what an avid, serious collector would be willing to pay for them nowadays; going after Amazon, I might get a lot of dineros in selling them yet I do not think those prices asked for there are serious;

so, on offer would be:

Jagdwaffe Colours (complete, first owner here, all in as new condition)
Luftwaffe Colours (complete, first owner, all in as new condition)

I am selling those only as a complete set (the LW Colours maybe also as complete sections only)

books (might cling to them a little longer, just checking if there is interest at all)

Hs-129 (first edition)

books are in as new condition as well;

I am looking forward to your opinions, should you be even interested, just send a PM with an offer and we will see

cheers for now

ps.: I might also be selling a book that has become rarer as henīs teeth over the years - "Luftwaffe over Czech Territory 1945"
I know that this one is highly sought after, I could have sold it several times already over the years, so if you are interested in that one, I will consider only really serious offers (the last interested party was willing to dish out in the region of 300 Euros for it)
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