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Re: Korea- November 1950

I believe Clyde Whaley was the F-80 pilot who downed the MiG Nov 11, first USAF jet pilot to down another jet where the loss is also reflected in opposing records. The F-80's had been strafing ground targets almost all the time and it wasn't thought worth it to carry gun camera film, so he was lucky his claim was even accepted as 'probable'. But the time of Whaley's claim best matches the MiG loss, based on both sides' records.
That's correct. The credit go to Whaley. LeCol Clure Smith and 1th Garland Hanson, reported strikes on a MiG("With the Yanks in Korea")but the claim as probable was submitted by Whaley. Pity, USAF records no recognized officialy in the list of F-80s kills, his victory. Another one, full admitted by the V-VS but no claimed by the USAF, was Feb 23, 1951. Kapetan Gordeev ejected in combat with F-80s, but no victories were claimed by the USAF fighters.

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