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Re: The Winter War in Air: Finnish & Soviet experience 1939-1940

To Richard
Could you be so kind and just now to stop make false, fully no true comments, which are very, very far away from being obejctive and professional!

as text below:

"Excellent write-up on the subject".
When I see, what I see, I do not know what I should say seeing your post. This is not credible information.

This is very unfair comments or direct PR or false propaganda's text. For me it is evident, that you have written not fair and not true comments - out of mind like text of "lovers".

Next, I do not belive, that reading my post GuerraCivil would ever stop to write next treads. No way, he or she loves them. But I think he or she next time would deeper think and do it much more objective and more professional way then he or she has done.


Frankly, but from above text is eveident for me, that GuerraCivil knows very, very little about the subjects "Winter War" and the main texts to it!
Sorry, that is true.

To: Edwest

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