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Re: The Winter War in Air: Finnish & Soviet experience 1939-1940

I do not claim to be the top military aviation historian, but rather a military aviation history aficionado.

As Im a Finn myself, Winter War is of natural interest of mine and I tried to offer a short and easy introduction to with some easy book recommendations. And hopefully to raise interest in the airwar of Winter War - I think that it was incredible when thinking of odds.

It was not in my intention to write a comprehensive list of all the good literature what there is on offer. I have gone through SIH series - they are good - and I have read memoirs of Juutilainen and Sarvanto as well as the biographies of some other Finnish aviators. I have some books at home and Finnish libraries are quite well equipped with books regarding Finnish military aviation.

When it comes to Soviet experience - the Red Stars Vol. 5 and Vol. 7 are the best and the only in English to give good intro and overview of Soviet airwar experience of Winter War. I decided to recommend simply the Vol. 7 because of the two books it is the more important. The Red Army Air Force (VVS RKKA) had more important role in Winter War than the Baltic Fleet Air Force (VVS KBF). If I would have to make buying decision with limited amount of money I would go for Vol. 7 - not to say that Vol. 5 is not important.

My favourite book of the airwar in Winter War is the Talvisota ilmassa (Winter War in Air) by Risto Pajari, who served in Finnish Air Force as communication officer during Winter War. Excellent insight, complete and detailed list of Finnish aircraft losses, maps, including both Finnish and Soviet combat accounts. All in handy pocket size book. But unfortunately the book is out of print and available just in Finnish.
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