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6/KG1 Ju88 V4+RP loss 30 Jun 43 Lt Carl-Heinz Friedrich

I've recently acquired the very interesting Flugbuch of Oblt Carl-Heinz Friedrich (Ju88, He177 and Me262 pilot with KG1/51), which I posted about previously and have linked a few photos in an album on my profile page. I've just started going through his Flugbuch and found a very interesting entry from the 30th June 1943, any help you can provide with this would be appreciated.

30 Jun 1943 flight 1036 Ju88a4 V4+RP einsatz, took off Ciampino at 0140 and shot down 30km West of Bosa (Sardinia) at 0310. In his Flugbuch his next entry is his rescue by a Do24 flown by Ofw Schatz, flown out of Porte Conte at 1230 on 2 Jul 1943 and landing at Olbia 1310. I believe he was shot down by Flak.

Any details you can add to this would be appreciated!

Many thanks,

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