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Re: 6/KG1 Ju88 V4+RP loss 30 Jun 43 Lt Carl-Heinz Friedrich

Originally Posted by edNorth View Post
(088)2647 Ju 88 A-4 V4+RP 6./KG 1 (Luftflotte 2)
OPS (F) mis (100%) unk location (Bone Harbour) 28.06.1943 (F and BF were saved, B Uffz. Werner Geßner and BS Obgefr. Manfred Böhm missing)

So there is date mismatch. Salonen NVM also 28.06.43 and PLQ "81594/04" (Öst)

Thanks for the info....that's really interesting. I've looked in his Flugbuch and he flew on the 26th, then next he flew V4+RP on the 29th Jun uberfuhrung from S. Pancrazio at 1627 to Ciampino landing 1806. Hence he wasn't airborne that day....could it be another element of KG1? What could explain the mismatch?

Much appreciated anyway, this is fascinating to me at least!
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