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Re: Moelders vs Galland vs Wick

The list suffers from one problem. It is not possible to make such an attribution without the in depth knowledge on the enemy losses and circumstances. The marigin of error is just too great. Quite a number of losses were due to other reasons, bad weather, pilot errors or friendly fire. Lack of German combat reports is a serious issue as well.
As to particular cases from your list.

Originally Posted by Nick Hector View Post
37th claim
3.6.40/1500 MS 406 ("Spitfire") Over Paris or Meaux @ 3000m
No. 1022 of GC I/6. Sgt. Jost badly WIA (struck tail baling out)
Meaux was the base of PRU so validity of Spitfire claim cannot be ruled out.

30th claim
601 "City of London" sqn. 4 losses: F/L William Henry "Willy" Rhodes-Moorehouse, KIA in P8818. F/O Carl Raymond Davis (American) in P3363/W KIA. P/O H T Gilbert baled out WIA from V6647 as did F/O Juliusz Topolnicki from P3382
This could be one of No 303 Sqn losses.

42nd claim
S of Guildford
303 "Kosciuszko" sqn. Overclaiming, only loss was Sgt. M Belc baled out unhurt. 1 sqn RCAF also definitely in action against the unit at this time, shooting down Kienzle and losing V7288 of F/O D de P Brown damaged in elevator, unhurt
(versus 7 claims in total)
AFAIK Bełc did not bale out. This was likely a friendly fire incident.

16.8.40/1435 Hurricane E of Portsmouth
Haven’t found a matching loss for this one…. Benefit of the doubt, but dubious….
Tim Elkington of No 1 Sqn.

Spitfire I
Bournemouth/Needles, Isle of Wight
R6631 of 609 "West Riding" sqn. P/O Paul A Baillon, Baled out into channel but KIA
This was Rex Watson of 152 Sqn and not Baillon.
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