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Re: Moelders vs Galland vs Wick

[quote=Franek Grabowski;259720]Nick
The list suffers from one problem. It is not possible to make such an attribution without the in depth knowledge on the enemy losses and circumstances. The marigin of error is just too great. Quite a number of losses were due to other reasons, bad weather, pilot errors or friendly fire. Lack of German combat reports is a serious issue as well.
As to particular cases from your list.

Hi Franek,

Given that there are only ever a finite number of enemy losses, I believe we can at least give our best attempt at this kind of thing and try to find out what happened in each engagement. Some are clear cut, others not so. If we keep our minds open and choose our wording carefully, we can make fair attributions. To leave it uninvestigated is to stay ignorant
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