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Re: A History of the Mediterranean Air War, 1940-1945 Volume 4

Also, on page 46, the narrative does not match the loss details: "[T]wo of the latter were actually lost by the 14th FG. A third P-38 from the 1st FG was reported shot down by flak while dive-bombing Boccadifalco airfield."
The loss detail correctly identifies the single casualty of the 14th FG flown by Lt. John C. Henry but the 1st FG citation incorrectly notes the loss of Lt. Donald Lowe as:"P-38 lost 1300 on diversionary sweep to Castelvetrano , shot down by fighters 2m S of Trapani at 1515."
This is incorrect as the correct cause of his loss was flak at Boccadifalco A/F as evidenced by "An Escort of P-38s:The Story of the 1st Fighter Group" by Mullins
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