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Re: A History of the Mediterranean Air War, 1940-1945 Volume 4

Hi guys, really enjoying the latest entry in your epic but I have a query about the following loss which does not appear to be recorded in your book: (quote is from a separate thread here about the loss)

Originally Posted by edNorth View Post
(088)2647 Ju 88 A-4 V4+RP 6./KG 1 (Luftflotte 2)
OPS (F) mis (100%) unk location (Bone Harbour) 28.06.1943 (F and BF were saved, B Uffz. Werner Geßner and BS Obgefr. Manfred Böhm missing)

So there is date mismatch. Salonen NVM also 28.06.43 and PLQ "81594/04" (Öst)

The flieger was Lt Carl-Heinz Friedrich and I have his fascinating Flugbuch in my collection. Any thoughts why this loss is not recorded (at all) in your otherwise wonderful tome. Not being picky, just surprised not to see it and appreciate any feedback.
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