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An "Extraordinary Kill" by Helmut Lipfert

On Pg. 77-80 of his exceptional book, The War Diary of Hauptmann Helmut Lipfert, it is written:

"On December 29, 1943 I made made an extraordinary kill. It was a Douglas Boston and at the same time my 80th victory. [...] It was the Gruppenkommandeur, Hptm. Barkhorn:

"I have a special assignment for you. This morning signals intelligence has learned that a high-ranking Russian officer is going to visit the bridgehead (Crimea) at about noon today. Take a Rotte and wait over the Strait of Kerch. You are to shoot him down!""

Fw. Mohr was the wingman. The Boston was escorted by eight (8) Russian fighters. {Extended description of the interception over the Strait of Kerch} then:

"Russian soldiers were swarming around the burning machine, apparently trying to rescue something. Mohr and I dove down [...] We opened fire on the Boston from 1,000 meters in order to ensure that there was nothing left for the Russians to recover."

Wow! Quite clearly a Yamamoto-like mission!

Who was the Russian officer? Are there details from the Russian side?

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