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Re: I./ZG 1 claims in 1939 - 1940 - any info?

Hello Eugen,

the claims for Poland 1939 you have listed are coming from my own work published in Poland in 2002 (Luftwaffe nad Polska 1939 cz.1 Jagdflieger, Armagedon). The last update is the following:
Pilot?, P.24 probable (?), Warsaw, ~17.30
Pilot?, P.24, Zakroczym, ~13.30
Pilot?, P.24, Truskaw, ~13.30

Olt. Ehle P.24, Warsaw, 5.15
?Lt.Spiess?, P.37, Radzymin, ~16.05
Olt.Mölders, P.37, Radzymin, ~16.10
Olt.Ehle, P.37, Radzymin, 16.10

The first victory is my own speculation. On the 5.9. the unit fought with Polish 112 eskadra. The last lost 2 planes, a third forcelanded.
I hoped the Russian archives could reveal more details (?).

Best wishes,