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Re: I./ZG 1 claims in 1939 - 1940 - any info?

Evgeniy is more correct But never mind

2 Marius & Franek Grabowski- Thanks for info about Polish claims!

When its clear, I'am now more interested in 1940 claims of Gruppe.

For example, claims over Holland, claims over Dunkirk (i know, Tratt had 3 there - any more?)...

2 Mikkel Plannthin
For further info on the airwar over Denmark, I would refer to
I found interesting moment on this site:
From memoryes of Wolfgang Falck - . Turning toward the northwest, I head for Aalborg where my unit should be waiting. On the way, I see one of my Bf 110's that has force-landed in a meadow. Banking around, I can see the pilot standing on the wing surrounded by a mob of Danish soldiers- "A bad situation! What do I do?". I decided to take a chance and land, as I taxi over to the downed aircraft, there is no overt hostility from the Danish troops. The pilot explains that he was hit by ground fire and had been treated very well by the Danes who were under the command of a young captain to whom he introduces me. The pilot has already been in touch with Aalborg, which was in our hands after a paratroop drop of only a platoon. Aaiborg was already sending a replacement engine. I thanked the Danish captain for the treatment of my pilot, got back in my aircraft and continued on to Aalborg.

Bf 110 landed at Skejby Mark near Aarhus 9/4 1940. The aircraft belonged to I./ ZG 1 and was coded 2N+H?. At 08:45 hours the Bf 110 made a normal landing at Skejby Mark due to engine problems. Sources: Helme, CP, JJ.

(Via Herluf Rasmussen)

Am I right?