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Re: List of StaKa's I./ZG 1, Erpr.Gr.210, I./SKG 210, I./ZG 1.

Yep, thx for info Chris & John. Also, i found this
On 13.10.43 renamed I./ZG26:

Stab I./ZG1 became Stab I./ZG26
1./ZG1 became 1./ZG26
2./ZG1 became 2./ZG26
3./ZG1 became 3./ZG26

Reformed 10.43 at Lorient from V./KG40 with:

Stab I./ZG1 from Stab V./KG40
1./ZG1 from 13./KG40
2./ZG1 from 14./KG40
3./ZG1 from 15./KG40

In 1.44 3./ZG1 and 7./ZG1 exchanged designations. On 12.7.44 moved to Welzow and was renamed II./JG4:
And Ossmann was StaKa of Staffel during Battle of Kursk, in july 1943... And could survive during that spoil of blood on 12 - 13 july over Bolkhov operation ...

Any information about StaKa's of 2 Staffel?

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