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Re: List of StaKa's I./ZG 1, Erpr.Gr.210, I./SKG 210, I./ZG 1.

Nice to hear it abot You like all Wespen photoes

But sorry... It seems You have all Wespe photoes, & there are no new photoes for You in all wourld whitch You dont seen before You are very happy man

I like Wespen to... But here in Russia are very few photoes aviable to see, because of lack books about ZG 1...

Look on this photoes: is it ZG 1? 126b - Bf110 has Yellow band "in Wespe" style, 241b - code "2N + __"

About Ossmann He served in I./SKG 210 & ZG 1, and had not less than 3 claims:

02.08.42 Ltn. Ossmann 1./ZG 1 I-153  0648: at 2-3 m. 18.10 Film C. 2025/I Anerk: Nr. 9
19.09.42 Ltn. Ossmann 1./ZG 1 LaGG-3  südostw. Kotluban: 1.500 m. 06.12 Film C. 2032/II Anerk: Nr. 11
17.07.43 Oblt. Ossmann 1./ZG 1 Pe-2  64 561: at 500 m. 05.31 Film C. 2032/II Anerk: Nr. 24

P.S. I hope soon I will have german map, showing grids of Ostfront, to see direct locations of ZG 1 claims.
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