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Unhappy Re: Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings - Color Chips

Dear Mark
After reading your post again, I must confess that the misunderstanding was mine.
Concerning the wrong color chip I add the reply I received from Mr. Creek.
Dear Herr Zimmer,
Your email has been forwarded to us by Ian Allan Publishing, for which many thanks. We are the production company involved in producing Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings Volume One by Ken Merrick. Further to receipt of your email, we have contacted one of the two German companies involved in the manufacture of the paint chips and cards included in this book (we have had no involvement in the manufacturing process, which has been entirely controlled by Farben-Kiroff-Technik of Fürth and whose details are published both on the colour cards and the imprint page in the book). We have been in touch with Kiroff and have been informed that although the correct paint for Weinrot 28 was mixed and supplied by Farben-Kiroff-Technik, the other company - manufacturers of the cards - have erroneously applied another paint to the 1936 card. The colour chip on the 1938 card (also included in the book) is correct.
We are proposing that in Volume Two of this work, a new colour chip to
replace the incorrect chip, will be provided, plus errata details.

This answered my impression of a wrong color chip.

Regarding the difficulties in assessing colours I try to clarify my former statement:
1) I didn´t intend to make this a critic regarding the new color cards from Mr. Merrick´s book. Personally I regard them as the "new" standard for the reasons you gave in your last posting.

2) My comment should be a remark regarding to the color applied ON A MODEL. In this cases one has to choose between the correct color (compared with a sample like the ones from Mr. Merrick´s book) or the correct APPEARANCE of the model (because of scale effect, weathering, different kinds of painting etc.)
Even if the modeller is able to chose the correct color there will be differences.
I hope that this clarifies my opinion. I apologize for not beeing able to put my thougts into words. Unfortunately [img]images/icons/icon9.gif[/img]English is not my native language.

If you think a further discussion is useful, feel free to mail me at my private adress.

All the best
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