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Re: P-51 losses on 10 April 1945

So far - no losses recorded air to air

Several lost to flak in Berlin area strafing airfields

1SF mechanical failure - Rogers (POW)
20th Tracy - flak near Werder A/F - POW
20th Stewart - flak at Werder A/F - POW
20th Petersburz - flak - reached Russian lines

20th also engaged Me 262 air to air neuruppin (no losses) and Oranienburg (no losses)

55th Holland - flak near Burg BUT 55th engaged and shot down Me 262s at Burg and Galworde.. so flak report could be in error

56th Holland - no factor here

78th strafed Werder
Stinton POW - flak at Werder A/F
Kuehl MIA-Evade - flak at Brandenburg - B/O near Helmstadt
Spaulding - flak at Werder A/F

Lach - flak near Margraten - KIA

The 359 had a fight with Me 262s near Gardelegen and Wittenburg but I don't have losses for any in four sources..
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