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Re: P-51 losses on 10 April 1945

Originally Posted by drgondog View Post
The 359 had a fight with Me 262s near Gardelegen and Wittenburg but I don't have losses for any in four sources..
That's correct. I accidentally looked for 10 March and have removed my comment on 359th losses

359th FG claims for 10 April '45 are:
J.T. Marron, 368th FS, P-51D 44-13776, CV-Y: 1 Me 262 damaged
H. Tenenbaum, 369th FS, P-51D 44-72366, IV-D: 1 Me 262 destroyed
R.J. Guggemos, 369th FS, P-51D 44-15514, IV-O: 1 Me 262 destroyed + 2 Me 109 destroyed on the ground
R.R. Klaver, 369th FS, P-51K 44-11664, IV-G: 1 Me 262 damaged

This was mission 341, lasting from 11:59 to 17:53 h. The 359th was escorting B-17s, R/V at 13:40 at Osnabruck. Near Wittstock Marron damages a 262. Bombing takes place at 14:50 at Oranienburg with excellent results. Then Tenenbaum spots a B-17 exploding and sees six Me 262. He finally catches another one on finals at Gardelegen aerodrome and destroys it, scoring hits on a second before being driven off by flak. Guggemos then catches another Me 262 trying to land and nails it, while Klaver damages yet another. Before turning home Guggemos strafes two Me 109s at Dannefeld, together with the 361th FG who claims another few.
This day later became known as The Great Jet Massacre, with the 8th AF claiming 20 Me 262s destroyed in the air. Total losses for the Luftwaffe are 311 dest. and 237 dam., while the 8th AF loses 19 bombers and eight Mustangs.
source: Jack H. Smith - Mustangs & Unicorns

I just remembered, William N. Hess' book German Jets versus the US Army Air Force has a very extensive account on this battle. Do you have this book? It doesn't mention any Mustang losses though.

Lastly AJ-Press' Monografie Lotnicze, Me 262 Schwalbe, volume 2 has a list for claims made by Me 262 pilots. Though I suspect this list contains inaccuracies and definitely suffers from overclaiming, here's what I found for 10 April 1945:

I/JG 7:
Oblt. Schuck: 4x B-17
Oblt. Grünberg: 2x B-17
Oblt. Stehle: B-17
Oblt. Bohatsch: B-17
Ofhr. Neuhaus: B-17
Flg. Reiher: B-17

Oblt. Schall: Mustang
Lt. Hagenah: Mustang

Fhr. Pfeiffer: B-17
Ofw. Lennartz: Mustang
Lt. Redmacher: Mustang
Ofw. Greiner: Mustang

Ofw. Pritzl: Thunderbolt

KG (J) 54:
Lt. Palenda: 2x B-17
Lt. Rossow: 2x B-17
Lt. Becker: B-17
+ 7x B-17 by unknown pilots

So from the looks of things, all Mustangs were shot down by III/JG 7 that day.
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