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P-51 losses / JG 7 claims 8 April 1945


first of all, a kind hello to all of you, as i am new to this forum. And now right to my first question:

On 8 April 1945 Feldwebel Geistenhoevel of III./JG 7 claimed two P-51 Mustangs shot down in the Cottbus area, about 100 km SSW of Berlin.
After some discussion in other forums it became obvious, that the USAAF recorded no losses in this area on this day. As the RAF was active on 8 April just north of the german capital, i came to the conclusion that Geistenhoevel's Mustang might have been from some british unit. It is also possible that he misidentified some soviet fighters for P-51s, but to me it doesn't seem likely.

So is anybody out there who can help with those mysterious Mustangs?

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