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Cham, Germany Losses April 1945

I'm looking for info on two different incidents in April listed below at/near Cham, Bavaria, Germany.

On or around April 23rd, 1945 at ca 2030 hours local time, a group of three German a/c (types unknown) apparently tried to land at the airfield near Cham. The airfield has recently been captured by Co D, 41st Tank Battalion (US), & apparently had both AA guns and aircraft on-site when captured. At least one of the three a/c landed, & a platoon from Co D captured the pilot, who apparently also had his "girlfriend" with him in the a/c.

On or around April 24th, 1945 at ca 0500 hours, in the vicinity of Cham, a German "recon plane" was shot down in the vicinity of Cham, near the 41st Tank Battalion's area, by elements of the 491st Field Artillery (US). It would seem the a/c crashed in an open field & the pilot survived. AFter being ordered to halt, the pilot tried to do a runner and was shot & killed by one of the sentries.

I am not positive on either date, but I believe both to be within a day or so of accuracy. Any corresponding losses?
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