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Re: New book on Hungarian Me 210 (and much more)

Originally Posted by Kjetil Aakra View Post
I have always been interested in what the Hungarians thought of the Me 210 and I guess this one will present the best possible answer!? I am only hoping you can get it published in English in its entirety at some time.

Congratulations on your work!

Thank you. Indeed, you will find in this book the Hungarian opinion on the Me 210 Ca-1 (it was very popular among the crews). I know several veterans, who flew both the Caproni Ca.135 and the Messerschmitt Me 210 Ė well, if you want to hear entirely different opinions, you should ask such people about the Italian kite, since that Caproni was a very dangerous and unreliable aircraft (the most hated type of the Hungarian aviators during this period).

As for the entire English translation: the book contains a very long summary, much longer, than many English language aviation books entire text. It contains the most important parts of the Hungarian text and I made it only because several ZerstŲrer fans asked me from abroad. I got nothing for this extra work, of course. I said it many times: to me, the most important to publish these materials in Hungarian language. I donít think, that Iíll have ever make a full translation of this book. I am continuously collecting and expanding everything, so even this text will change in the future. Maybe Iíll write once a comprehensive, analytical material about the Me 210 in Hungary, since I have some interesting additional info, but that will be differ from this work.

Incidentally, forgot to mention: the book is hardback, A/4 size with 180 pages. Iíll have some copies in December already, much sooner, than the several international distributors, if you are interested in.
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