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Re: The Eagle From The Tundra And The Strafing Kid

Dear Edward Hsiao,
Walter Schuck and I met for the first time (in person) on 5 May 2005 at Vista, California. There was a big production of Walter and I signing our first print together - "Escort Fury". The meeting was brought about by the efforts of Kurt Schulze and Christer Bergstrom. In September 2005 I made a trip to Germany and visited the spot on a field in Burg that I landed on when I bailed out in 1945. I also visited Butzbach where Walter and I were the guest of Horst Kube. In Late February 2006 Walter and I participated in "The Show of Shows" in Louisville, Kentucky. In early June 2007 Walter and I participated in the three day event "WW II Weekend" in Reading, PA. In February 2oo8 Walter visited his friend Kurt Schulze in Vista, CA. I flew down to greet him there and fly him back to my home in Roseville, CA. We had a great 3 days together then he returned to Vista and later in the Month we were again together at the "Show of Shows in Louisville, KY. In October of 2008 I again visited Germany to be a part of Horst Kube's "Eagles Nest" along with Walter and about 10 other Luftwaffe greats. The "Eagle's Nest" was our gathering place at the semi annual Speyer Technical Exhibition. We were together again at Speyer in April 2010 and celebrated the 65 year of our first encounter and marveled at the fact we were both alive and the best of friends. Our last meeting was while we were at "Aces High" Studio in Wendover, England. We spent a good four days there enjoying ourselves and signing prints. I kept in touch with Walter by e-mail until his passing.

About "Eagle From The Tundra and The Strafing Kid". As you know the video is the work of Michael Johansson (KI Michael) a prolific Swedish film producer who Walter and I first met at Speyer in 2008. He wanted to create a film of Walter and I telling our stories. We agreed and the first interviews started at Speyer. In 2009 Walter and Michael took a tour around the areas Walter was at in Norway and Finland during the war. They did many interviews and Walter later told me he had a great, nostalgic time. In late November 2010 Michael, Walter and I were together at Wendover, England. It was here where the final tape and interviews took place. In early 2013 I helped Michael with the English sub-title in the film and on 10 October 2013 the film was released. You can observe Michael's work on

I hope this answers all your questions. My best, Joe Peterburs P.S. If you have more quest. - e-mail:
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