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Re: Les "Abbeville Boys" JG26 Vol.1 Mombeek E.

As no one did it, here's my short opinion on LuGa Special No.1. It's a very fine book with lots of good quality photos, of which some were new to me. This makes this publication a nice addition to Jagdfliegerverbände series and LiF magazines. I mention them here not coincidentally, because 'The Abbeville boys' sometimes supplements these books/magazines, including f.e. 9 photos of Bf109E-1 W.Nr.3413 'Black 5' of Lt. Hans Krug; 3 photos of Bf109E-4 W.Nr.1195 'White 7' of Lt. Josef Bürschgens, 4 photos of Bf109E-7/N W.Nr.4139 'White 11' of Lt. Theo Lindemann, 2 shots of Bf109F-2 W.Nr.7194 'Yellow 6' of Fw. Karl Willius and a full portside picture of Fw190A-3 'Yellow 5' of the same pilot (with the flags of nations against Willius had flown painted under the cockpit). Other highlights of the album are another Fw190 of Willius which beside the flags sports also a quite big clover under the windscreen, and two photos (I've never seen one of them in any book) of R4M-equipped Fw190D-9 'White 1' of 5./JG 26 (according to p.427 of 'Focke-Wulf Fw 190D camouflage & markings, Part II' it's W.Nr.210069). Even if there are some small errors in captions, mostly in regard to the aircraft subtypes, overally the book is worth its value and I strongly recommend it. From my own experience I suggest buying Erik's books directly from him as he offers shipping by French special book service, which is quite inexpensive.

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