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Luftwaffe veterans in the Bundemarine


I take it that these Luftwaffe veterans who joined the the Bundesmarine were from the Luftwaffe anti-shipping force like RKT Werner Klumper. Also from those who flew seaplanes from Luftwaffe ASW or SAD (search and rescue). A few who flew Stukas and fighter planes is included of being in the Bundsmarine.
The list is long of the names of these Luftwaffe veterans who were in the Marineflieger after WWII. I know a few but I am giving you a chance to put down that you know of this topic. By the way Helmut Mahlke,Luftwaffe Stuka ace and Knight's Cross winner had became a Admiral in the Bundesmarine and a General in the Bundesluftwaffe after WWII. Let start!

Edward L. Hsiao
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