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Re: RAF raid on Gdynia, 18/19 Dec 1944

463. Sqn –
ED733 „JO-” - Pilot F/O Howells.F.J. (RAAF) Francis John
LM130 „JO-N” - Pilot F/O Farrow.G.H. (RAAF) Graham Hope
LM217 „JO-E” - Pilot F/O Belford.A.C. (RAAF) Angus Chessell
ME298 „JO-B” - Pilot F/L Huxtable.D.C. (RAAF) Denzil Christopher
ME325 „JO-O” - Pilot F/O Hicks.S.R. (RAAF) Sidney Raymond (not sure of him rank is wrong, leading aircraftman)
ME327 „JO-X” - Pilot Sqd./L Padgham.J. (RAF)
ME329 „JO-S” - Pilot F/O Ward-Smith.B. (RAAF) Bruce Ewan
NG193 „JO-U” - Pilot F/O Hyland.F.E. (RAAF) Francis Edward
NG329 „JO-Z” - Pilot F/L Lincoln.G.E. (RAAF) Geoffrey Filmore (think E is wrong)
NN721 „JO-T” - Pilot F/O Peart.L.C. (RAAF) Leslie Christie
PB264 „JO-H” - Pilot F/O West.R.F. (RAF)
PB639 „JO-R” - Pilot F/L Penman.J.G. (RAAF) John Guille
PB688 „JO-M” - Pilot F/O Halstead.R.H. (RAAF)
PB804 „JO-A” - Pilot F/O Leonard.R.A. (RAAF) Ronald Alfred
PD330 „JO-F” - Pilot F/O Smith.F.H. (RAAF)

467. Sqn –
R5868 „PO-S” - Pilot F/L Shanahan P.K. (RAAF) Peter Kenneth
JA909 „PO-E” - Pilot F/L Bache. M.G. (RAAF) Maurice George
LM642 „PO-K” - Pilot F/O Robinson A.N.G. Alton Neil (didn't list a G)
LM646 „PO-” - Pilot F/O Allamby.N.V (RAF)
LM677 „PO-V” - Pilot F/O Eggins.R.B. (RAAF) Robert Bruce
LM686 „PO-X” - Pilot F/O Stewart G.H. (RAAF) Gordon Herbert
NF908 „PO-C” - Pilot F/O Morris.H.J. (RAAF) Howell James (not sure, he is listed in a despot at the end of the war and not with 467 as the rest are ?)
NG197 „PO-G” - Pilot F/L Bullock. A.E. (RAAF) Allan Ernest
NG366 „PO-” - Pilot F/O Gray-Buchanan.P.R. (RAAF) Peter Ronald
PA169 „PO-H” - Pilot S/L Broad. E.G. (RAAF) Edmund George
PA187 „PO-F” - Pilot F/O Boxsell.W.K (RAAF) Walter Kitchener
PB306 „PO-J” - Pilot F/L Colley.N.S.C. (RAF)
PB726 „PO-B” - Pilot F/O Pilkington.G.A. (RAF)
PB754 „PO-U” - Pilot F/O Lillecrapp.I.F. (RAAF) Ivan Frank
PB762 „PO-B” - Pilot F/O Smith T.E.M. (RAAF) Thomas Edward Maxwell
PB806 „PO-W” - Pilot F/L Baker. L.W. (RAAF)
PD231 „PO-T” - Pilot P/O Thomas.E.W. (RAAF) Edwin William
PD362 „PO-Y” - Pilot F/L Cross.J.J. (RAAF) James Joseph

I find a Alan George Pilkington, but no Squadron, just that he flew ? (I see he is a RAF, I was looking under RAAF)

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