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Re: Top Jet Aces

Csaba, there is always a difference between a claim, a credited victory and a what had actually happenned. The latter in most cases is a mystery known only to God. Sutyagin was officially credited with 21 kills (at least as far as we know), and his claims could have been even higher.
When we compare scores of Frantisek, Gabreski, Johnson or Skalski, we discuss what was officially credited to them. It is beyond our possibility to get through their results and to answer with any certainity, what they have had actually hit.
Adding to the above, we know nothing on official victory credits of Israeli AF, nor their losses and our knowledge on their opponents is similarly limited. Modern video verification methods are certainly an improvement over previous techniques, but still they are not perfect and I would not rely that much on them, especially as so little was released.
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