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Looking for Luftwaffe eye-witness accounts of engagements over Warsaw with the Polish Pursuit Brigade 1.9.39 A.M & P.M.

Our EOE research team is working on a manuscript rough draft for the engagements of Luftwaffe fighters and bombers with the Polish Pursuit Brigade in the general vicinity of Warsaw during both the morning and afternoon of September 1st.

During the morning, the Luftwaffe units included were Bf110s from I.(Z)/LG1, escorting He111s of II.(K)/LG1.

For the morning action we have only an account by Uffz. Dierkes, gunner for Oblt. Müller, a StaKap in I.(Z)/LG1.

For example, does anyone know of any account of this mission by Fw. Herbert Schob of 1.(Z)/LG1, who achieved his first victory on that mission? Also, I'm hoping to locate any account (or photos of his FL Bf110) from the I.(Z)/LG1 GrKdr Maj. Walter Grabmann, whose Bf110 was damaged on that flight and FL back at base.

The afternoon attack involved about 120 He111s of KG27 and LG1, and about 30 Ju87s of I./StG1. The fighter escort included Bf110s of I./ZG1 and I.(Z)/LG1 and Bf109Ds of I./JG21.

From this attack, we have the detailed account of Hptm. Hozzel, GrKdr of the Stuka unit. We also have accounts of varying length and usefulness attributed to several I./JG21 pilots, including Lange, Scholz, Bob, Nuhn and Dress. I'm also looking for any KTB historical source on I./JG21 for the Polish Campaign?

Does anyone know of any other eye-witness aircrew sources for Luftwaffe material on these attacks? We are familiar with those from Emmerling, Eimannsberger, Jagdwaffe, Vol I. Sec 3, "Am Himmel Europas" and several others, including Peter Taghon’s outstanding history of LG 1. We want to make sure that we have everything known from Luftwaffe eye-witnesses for the story. Perhaps there were other wartime German-published accounts that we've missed...or veterans accounts that have been published relating to the PC since the war?

We have numerous eye-witness accounts of the air battle that day from the Polish side.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays to all,
Larry Hickey
Eagles Over Europe Project Coordinator
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