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Re: Looking for Luftwaffe eye-witness accounts of engagements over Warsaw with the Polish Pursuit Brigade 1.9.39 A.M & P.M.

This year I published in Poland, my long article on the defense Modlin (July 2009) in the Polish magazine history. This is a study to show the fight on both sides (including a summary of Polish victories and the actual German losses during the battle for the fortress). Luftwaffe vs. Bofors Battery (4x40mm) plus the heavy machine guns (12 or 16 Maxims 7.92 mm). Next year, plans to take in the defense of Warsaw in September 1939. Since I collect quite a long time on this different materials. Actually I have quite a lot of published and unpublished sources (reports, memoirs). I am interested also data on German flights over Warsaw and their loss, because I wanted to do the same comparison as in Modlin. I will take up this work within a few months. For the moment I'm working on something else.
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